News FIFA 18: Fans Big Changes to Ronaldo on PS4, Nintendo Sboks and Switch

There are 18 Viva Ronaldo can be the edition but this was no obstacle to fans asking for a change in the Real Madrid star statistics.

FIFA 18 Trailer offered Ronaldo and secured him a star cover for the title of a new sport on FUT 18 Coins PS4, Sboks and Nintendo switch.

Following the news release of FIFA 18, fans began a discussion about whether Ahsaiyate need to lower the level, based on the slow pace of him.

The public debate over 200 comments, with one statement: "In the last two or three years, it was clear that he had slowed down.

"At least I'm not saying his ability has diminished, but after he was watching the majority of their matches this season and a couple of last season, something has been clarified.

"Does not have a 92 pace and does not evade 91. It is still clear that there is a global player first-class finishing and positioning, but when we look at players like Franck Ribery and Arjun Robben, his speed was Noked, and certainly Ronaldo Have to cut it right? "

FIFA fans also spoke about 18 general evaluation system and how it can be changed and downgrades in general to create more information later in the season.

"I like if, instead of having a player to 90 at the start of the game rankings, changed rating all down.

"Instead of Ronaldo starting 94, he can start 84 while still the best player in the game.

"I think this will be really useful for the game because it will allow players like Ronaldo to get more information without interfering and that it would make the game more interesting."

What was planned, all details will be confirmed during the live broadcast of the event I was playing in Los Angeles on June 10th.

It will confirm further details of each of the new flight status system and the FIFA team, which will be used for the theme of, for the version of this year on PS4 and Sboks and Nintendo switches.