FIFA: The switch is still not called FIFA 18

E line-up games I play for the audience capable of demo E3 annual event and its neighborhoods being released online today. With a few exceptions, most titles for this event are sports games such as Madden and NBA as well as FIFA 18. Also, you can participate in playing Viva Sports to switch signal input to Nintendo franchise FIFA significantly different than its peers fluctuate.

Announced any sport FIFA for the first time in February as part of a Nintendo clutch assembly from a third party. Since then, fans of sports games challenged whether the game will move to the appropriate name Viva Viva's new Nintendo console or let another B-Lego be on the Nintendo console.

The interview revealed an extensive competition with director Peter E. Moore that the title of Viva Viva Sweet is 18 and it comes out at the same time as other versions of FIFA issued by 18. rivals and Nintendo. In addition to the warning that FIFA 18 is specially built from the Device Switch, the game is being developed in E. Vancouver, and Dev Team's traditional games are FIFA with FUT 18 Coins.

Four months after the start of the FIFA name 18 linked to the large-scale game Viva switch, it is still called the mysterious name of his deputy, while 18 FIFA markings dedicated to a separate unit. Oosgamr arrived at IE to clarify, but just told that this is the same game that was announced again in February, the same Moore called for FIFA 18 but is still called E. Viva Sports.

What if FIFA had to move to finally call 18 or not, the switch version of the game is likely to provide a separate experience that can be found on any PS4 or Sboks Wan. Profits earlier this month, told all investors that it was still "picking up" the switch, but did not provide any announcements or other details.

Other games by E. Bly which runs on the fan festival 10-12 06, is Star Wars Patelvront 2, as well as many other games by Star Wars mobile phone developed by IE.