FIFA 18 on the Nintendo switch - the fans will miss this amazing feature

While FIFA gets 18 players on PS4, PS4 Pro, Sboks Wan, Xbox One X and Bessie for playing the owners fashion switch will not trim. The trip, which appeared for the first time with FIFA 17, as a football movie, bringing you to star star rookie Alex Hunter. The status quo on the story as opposed to what previously seen in sports - and I now in similar modes for Madden and NBA franchises.

Turn the owners into the hope that they will have a chance to experience it, with a trip: Hunter returns, will be disappointed. It will be missing in the Nintendo version of the switch, probably due to the inability of the console to turn freezing engine. Nevertheless, the switch version of FIFA 18 will be the last team and the new FIFA 18 Coins last mode. It's an alternative to Sboks exclusive legends.

This will also turn FIFA 18:

   Challenges of building tire

   Concept mode

   Online and offline chapters


   Develop new local seasons

The development of the local Seasons is likely that the ability to play two of the season collaborative switches over two panels switching function. He then said FIFA 18 run in 1080p and handheld will be 720P.