FIFA 18 On Switch Posts

One of the surprising things about the FIFA 18 for Nintendo switch is that electronic arts design a unique version of the platform. While the PlayStation 4 and Zapox versions share the same technology, an AZ version of the platform had to be created. Early impressions indicate that they are the gateway to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of FIFA 18, but they are not. You already know FIFA 18 missing functions, such as a team or team fight in the final team, but what's wrong with the presentation?

Digital foundry looked at the latest version of FIFA 18 on the switch, and compared to another version of launch this year. It seems that the earliest analog version is the Xbox 360, although the technology has been improved.

"In essence, the Switch version obviously has much more common with the Xbox 360 game we've tested, although visualizations get a healthy boost in many areas that give the game a more modern look and detail in all round the players through high resolution textures and regular mapping, which adds more depth to face features like skin and hair, bringing them closer to the PS4 and Xbox versions one, "says Digital Foundry David Burton.

Saying the Foundry Digital Basics version switch is definitely in the latest versions of the game but with improved lighting and other effects. They point to similar basic features, such as player models and animated 2D sprites that make up the crowd, with identical cameras and camera controls for replays and replays for the game. The lighting is improved and adds more shadow depth to the FIFA 18 Coins players, the pitch offers a 3D turf during replays, and there is some high quality depth of the continuous field.

"These changes help the buyer switch somewhere between the old Xbox 360 Edition and the PS4 Master and the Zapox Wan versions, although aspects such as the flashlight on the switch are absent," said Burton. "This makes FIFA 18 on all an exchange of curiosity, indicating that the console has the opportunity to offer a nice upgrade to the latest version of the game in many areas, but perhaps not the horsepower to the general engine frost the expand current generation. "

The FIFA 18 operates in 1080p switch when the port is docked while the image quality is solid, anti-absent is absent. The switch can be portable, although the 720p and the netcoded, the game looks good. The gameplay is fixed at 60fps in both modes while dropping again to a 30fps target for additional effects.

In the end, the digital foundry feels the FIFA 18 on the switch is a solid start for the excellence of the platform. There are clear restrictions, although they finally feel that the game works as a companion title for the PlayStation 4 and the Wan Wan.

"We think it's better to speak of an improved version of the Legacy Adetyon's latest generation, with visual adjustments and new gameplay changes in this version," says Burton. "As is the case, switch version does not work perfectly as a substitute for games PS4 and Sboks though - it's best to think of being the best football player available, which by chance works very well on a high definition TV. "