FIFA 18 has the "best game we've ever had"

In a recent interview, Jimractor, vice president Patrick Soderlnd admitted to the company "playing a sure" FIFA 17. However, IE is going "all" to FIFA 18, we sit down the lead in playing the Sam Rivera Gameskum, it's clear. mechanical spaces that players can enjoy.

"We have a lot of people with whom we are really happy with the new features," Rivera said. "In fact, I talked to people who do not know new features, but when they play the game they recognize it immediately because we've decided them strategically so people can enjoy more of the game. People are already describing her best to play we've ever been."

Many improvements Rivera is a highlight of Real Madrid Real Madrid wants a player's movement technology: "It's a new animation that lets us choose an animation everywhere instead of a frame at all stages of a player's system," he says. . "

It has been designed for any Vruzetbit engine for the second consecutive year and the goal of FIFA 18 is softer and bigger, better and stronger than ever: "This engine will also allow us to be responsive to the game, more personal and we can now pick up the movement like Cristiano Ronaldo we did - and throw the animation game so he moves the game completely as it is in real life. "

However, the most exciting features of the game changed from two of the best known modes of action: the trip and FIFA's final team.

Hunt for success

The journey was created by the developers who worked on the Mass Effect Series IE, well received by fans and critics of FIFA 17, so it is not surprising that the publisher decided to continue the story of hero Alex Hunter to come this year.

"It's another year," Rivera says. "It's back to Alex Hunter and he's going to go to different places." "It starts with favelas in Brazil, and then you see her going to Los Angeles and then more places I can not tell yet, but it's a very interesting story. You also have the most influential decisions so what you do outside of the stadium - and Pitch - will be more of a story."

On the way there are also additional options for Alex Hunter, including various hairstyles and tattoos. Rivera expects the story style to attract more players this time, especially when she first succeeded in FIFA 17.

"The number of people who got FIFA then called the flight was a big part - I did not remember the exact amount but there were a lot of people, so the penetration rate was too great to put.

"This really inspires us to continue to drive hard and really, if you go through and you will see a lot of new things in the story, we just want you to experience more different situations, a young player with professional football experience through their careers. the year was very successful and the second year we are expecting a very big year. "

Game and Lime

The flight can be a rising star Viva, but the heavy feature in the title is still the final team. This gives players the opportunity to build their team using any league player who basically gives their players a fantasy football video game format.

Rivera says, "It's putting the most popular so far." There are many things you can do and it is very rewarding. It is a very complicated experience, but if you do it right, it is very rewarding. That's why we listened to our fans. They really want to put a convincing but current game. That's why it was raised to the [fighting teams] game. It's a completely offline setting where you play against AI against big bonuses. So it's about prizes but also goals that change every day. "

This is not the only change in the team and the themes, while IE also adds legends to the football situation: "FIFA and themes, Tim Aakons [brings some of the best players in world history in FIFA and themes such as Ronaldo Nazario, Ronaldinho, Maradona and Pele.

"There will be three pieces for each of these players to start their career, the leader of their career, and ultimately finish the most important Ha.alrmoz is the largest statistics we have ever had in any of the FIFA."

The popular team finally makes it suitable for a large competitive FIFA Mobile Coins games as well, but so far I have been reluctant to talk about it, how does it actually play in practice.

"At this time we do not say exactly how this year works," Rivera said. "But I can tell you that we are adding a new feature called Tchambions Channel that allows you to view the re-releases of the best players and the best-selling games on the week's console and find out how they are doing the best, which is the company to improve your skills, that it is directly related to the races, but we will say later later this year. "

Transform tactics

The contestant's point is not the only unknown FIFA 18 this year, as the title also comes with a switch, making it the first entry for a notebook franchise as FIFA 15. It's not a development part of the journey but it's the first time the team Viva presentations and themes is Nintendo.

"He's specially designed to change," Rivera says. "It's not a regular FIFA for him - it's totally different. It's very enjoyable and this is the point."

Of course, we have to wait and see whether FIFA 18 is a hit with the players change, but regardless of the sales performance of Nintendo platform, it is clear, I have presented the best presented this year's installment.