FIFA 18: Analysis of the latest trailer and groove properties

The release of FIFA 18 on September 29th, the newest trailer for EA Sports focuses on the return of the history of FIFA 17, The Journey, Alex Hunter.

Soon seems to be Hunter Army career next chapter you will see when you leave the Premier League for the second season and lead from abroad - especially Bayern Munich, Paris Saint Germain, Atletico Madrid or L.A. Galaxy.

No matter what you choose, Alex's adventure takes him to Brazil to Los Angeles, where it acts as a tour of esikauden, and gives the opportunity to meet with NBA stars and native James Hardenia, which is one of the many known for face face on the road.

Marco Reus, James Rodríguez and Harry Kanho had the same title as The Journey of the previous year, and FIFA 18 was the highlight with more stars in the world championship and the presence in EA Sports FIFA.

Sharp eyes also reveal the rejuvenation of Gareth Walker and co-competitor Danny Williams and Hunter's new life.

Demo Tour FIFA 17 had a strong first attempt to increase the range of movie space, and as EA Sports promised more options for lasting effects, new characters and customization opportunities, Hunter seems to have adopted fashion to the next level.

The career opportunity is also to achieve the welcome reform of FIFA 18, and also includes elements that are similar to movies that add depth and insertion.

According to EA, Ura Mode now includes interactive shifts and contract deals where you have a personal meeting with representatives of the carrier and their clubs when you make the contract.

Together with news releases of FIFA 18 coins players, press conferences and visual games to honor or collect individual prizes, it gives the space a much more cinematic feel.

They even have better opportunities to train payouts and have more than 15 new skills to double their skills and to create smart training.

Pre-configured context-based fees will also help you make matches without using a break menu, so you can defend your defense when you have targeted or thrown the attacker.

There are also new team styles adapted to the traditional tactical approach of each club - be it pressed or tiki-taka - as well as a more authentic atmosphere and performances based on where your team plays.

The development of the race has been neglected in recent years compared to the Ultimate Team of The Journey, but there are many new features in FIFA 18, ranging from major renovations to minor improvements and improvements. As a result, it becomes brighter and smoother than ever.